Monday, August 20, 2012

Murphys law was made for me

Mr Murphy, it seemed had a very dynamic vision and could see that in future his law if not to all but would fit me for sure.. I am not exaggerating here ....

                           If anything can go wrong, it will      !!                                                        

has fitted a lot of incidences of my life so very well.

 Well, what do you say, when one accidently gulp down a hand full of peeled off garlic pods instead of peeled off almonds.. kept in similar container

Every morning, while going to school mum used to keep peeled off soaked almonds for us to eat and as usual in morning rush ,one day, I accidently ate garlic pods and the realisation was visible in the form of tears and rolled up eyes ,unexplainable irritation and the sourest mouth I have ever had....
Imagine this with you...

This is just the start. How about putting an ear drop in the eyes accidently cz both ear and eye drops were again kept together...thankfully my eyes could bear and now are back to normal state( guys i was without my specs while picking the drops)

I didn’t know that soon Murphy’s Law would start fitting me so well
Once in evening after I got up from the afternoon nap,I saw dad coming towards me and sayin that ur car isn’t visible anywhere and is missing since past 1 hours now and most probably has been stolen...i was stunned to hear it...i was still soo sleepy that i heard him saying this and again slept back, in  10 minutes time I could hear my mum waking me up and asking Where’s the car??  cz she remembered me informing her that I am taking the car with me??

I then realised that i left the car at the beauty parlour (yes beauty parlour) I had gone to in morning and came back walking
...(this is side effect of the awesome pedicure I had and wanted to rush back home to sleep asap )
Okie , finally got the car back and thank god we hadnt yet registered F.I.R with the police..

  I very much remember the date 24 dec 2011, UGC NET exam, all set to reach the examination center by 9 am ,I left well in time and reached the center, while trying to find the place for parking car, I noticed that somehow I am not able to see anybody there for the exam(usually around the rollno notice board , theres a lot of hustle bustle) and when I reached in front of the center gate instead of ugc net paper notification, All I could read in Caps was "ANNUAL DAY FUNCTION" and then when I asked the guard softly about the paper being scheduled there, horror struck me "I HAD REACHED THE WRONG CENTER"

It so happened that this particular school had opened a new branch and the my exam centre was there, and without reading the complete address details (I was so careless have always been so careless) and only checking the name of the school landed me such a situation....finally found 2 more people in similar situation and rushed towards the actual centre. THANK GOD!!!!!  somehow reached within the time line.

(Hard work bears sweet fruit, I cleared my exam...... I don’t remember the amount of hardwork put in by me to study for the exam but the hardwork done to find the right center last moment was equivalent to an uphill battle)

One morning,  while getting ready for office i couldn’t find my footwear i had worn the last day to office and had those not been matching to the outfit i was wearing for the office for the particular day i wouldn’t have bothered  to spend precious morning time searching for it.

I could not found any and kept thinking where they could disappear overnight??

Previous day I had got quite late in office and had to visit the gurudwara too..So in hurry after the darshan at Gurudwara I came directly into the car and came home without wearing my footwear...

(I usually take off my shoes in the car while driving and hence couldnt realise missing shoes)

The latest in the series is this incident- while walking along the swimming pool's edge,I had just taken out my cellphone to do a quick call and within seconds my phone slipped off and fell , battery dived into the pool and imagine the scene next - The entire resort staff(the place we were on staying during the holiday) was trying to take the battery out of the pool,soon the battery was being chased as if it was the most valued asset there....

God!! Why my phone's battery.....????

Am I jinxed( lazy and careless) , why such incidents have been happening with me over and again.....I am still trying to reach a definite conclusion and console myself thinking as a victim of Mr.Murphys law.

PS: For the incidents mentioned above I have been asked by people at home that instead of cursring Mr. Murphy i need to improve my basic brain skills but I still hold my stand and MURPHYS LAW responsible for it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

the pillion rider...


No, I wont sit on bike with him for sure, "he doesnt drives he flies" said a male friend of mine.

Par kisi ek ko to baithna hi padega , waise bhi ek hi helmet hai and agar bandi baithegi to shayad thulla bhi nahi rokega.

hello, so do you think I am going to  take this kind of risk , waise bhi jab gaadi  hain to main hi kyu bike pe , nahi main to nahi , added another girl pal.

 Soon rest of them  had made themselves comfortable inside the car , the left over places were filled by the above two of them discussing that neither of them is gonna be grilled on the road thunder aka the bike  tooo.

phew!! the whole issue was that  we friends had planned for a movie, bunking second half of lectures and situation arose such dat we were a bunch of 7 wid a bike and a car at disposal and also a SINGLE HELMET.

So, at the end it was me who accepted to be the pillion rider ...yeah coz I was still inside the college for some work(i was struck with study matter , must have been busy in conversation with a cute senior), by the time I came out ,  could hear a never ending debate on who's gonna be the pillion rider , now too excited fr the movie.. i volunteered for the same...

So, started the ride..and poor me was thinking what a big deal is it?? itna nautanki kyu karte hain ye log bike pe hi to baithna hain but all the assumptions where soon crushed under the increasing pace of the speedometer...
saari hawa nikal gayi..nopes not of the bike tyres bt mine.

The first increased acceleartion told me why none of them was willing to be the pillion rider wid him .. but within minutes could feel that despite the fear I was enjoying it , the more were we swaying between cars (as if someone was playing video biking game or GTA) more I was liking it,the breeze of the air , the swooshing sound of the bike,  wasnt making me uncomfortable , instead the Adrenaline Rush flowing inside me made me aware that "m loving it"... and then comforting the bike driving pal i said "dude don't worry m liking it"  carry on and probably that was the time when the bike rider came in more form and displayed his true driving skills too.

What happened next is more interesting--No,No, we werent charged for high speeding or the redlight jumping , instead we reached the cineplex well before time and folks in car were struck in a heavy traffic jam.

Thus, started an interesting conversation of how great  the bike ride was and how passionately the biker friend drives , soon graduating to the topic of food(which was again a common interest) to enless chatter session which were absolutely nonsensical  and the resultant it was finalised that I am gonna be the preferable pillion rider for all next outings required by the crazy lot ..

Non sensesical talks waiting for the car wallah bunch to arrive made way for friendship that is endurable for ages.
Small Small hidden placed to eat were searched, unbeatable soda makers were tried,discussion on the latest novels published, reluctant  lovable shopping drives all were done being the pillion rider to the thunder bolt. Also matched, were the jabberwocky talks that we indulged in and could only be understood by similar headed fools and  soon the bikerider was  crowned as the PJ king and was also said that only I could understand what he talked and if I started yapping up he would be the only one to gimme a full stop.

A decade has passed , the thunderbolt doesn't drives the bike anymore and even  I have not met a biker like him,gibberish  is now limited to chatting on fb,whats app or limited get togthers we have.. but the strong bond of friendship still stays and would continue to...

I am so glad that I chose to be the pillion rider!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

                          Help me ward off the strange feeling!!!

Feeling of emptiness is something that cant be described...infact is it a state of not knowing what has happend to self  ?? or should it be attributed to PMS...

Probably every time or other I am in this juxtapose of not understanding self that i try to blame it on something or the other and still not knowing how the curb the same, I then start to look out for various soothers  and automatically mind runs for relishing my taste buds,because I console myself thinking that hunger pangs have caused such an empty feeling ( see dats how sentimentally cancerians are attached to food)
so starts the  search of a perfect mood lifter, the obvious first choice comes to chocolates

 which other wise doesnot gets the warmth my tastebuds, are tried first (preferably Fruits n Nuts, but at such a stage even something like Ferrero Rocher work ,which in a normal circumstance I abhor to eat) -mind you its only a small piece which is taken ( m calorie conscious see) n a bite would neways be fine to uplift d mood .

Then comes the realisation that at such a lost state, having a single  bite wont suffice..
and this is what i understand (when i hav already had 2 3 such bites)....AND now feeling dat its important to be normal at mind n heart first instead of counting the calories, i sacrifice my efforts of my workout to a complete bar of fruits and nuts relished along with jeffery archer ;-) and voila it does helps and also its  way better  and cheaper then retail therapy

Another contender, which I use to woo away the emptiness is my tea n rusk combination ,m a tea freak, can have it  24*7 so if nothing works then tea does, sumptuous is having tea with rusk(with a small hint of saunf).

During my office days in order to break free the unnecessary stress that was put over my already in pain cervical burdened shoulders ,I used to head straight asap to coco berry .. N oh the  first bite of the  berry blast yogurt with rasberry exotic  topping made me feel ... that the damn sales stress is not worth spending my energy when I  can use the same stamina to come to cocoberry n have it ...

....Reorganise :strange but true.  sometimes I feel that if clean my room, re-organise clothes , cosmetics, shoes, accessories etc , I feel that clutter / stress occupying my mind wud also get reduced n things would get more clear. Haven't checked d sucess rate of organising with stress but it for sometime diverts my energy into thinking about more creative ideas to organise , n phew!! i then accept the extent of my clumsiness and Thank God,  then wantingly or unwantingly re-organise my stuff..

Now when I have tried all the above and still the irritation is not ready to say a good bye then retail therapy does scores over all the things if time n budget permits ....

Why not indulge my brain into something which will soak all my attention and crankiness.First window shopping is tried to see if that helps but if my crankiness is stubborn as I am , then Moolah has to be spent over the real shopping...   Immediately in my mind an updated list of what all to buy emerges and then the long search for a perfect haul starts... d texture of the clothes, the cuts, the shape... d colorful bags around ...and the oh how can you ignore me looks  of the stilletoes , ballerinas, wedges  etc etc make me feel that yes this is the true calling , the inner contentment is thus achieved .. I wont say Nirvana because despite shopping enough there is another fresh list of stuff already made to be shopped again...

One the way back along with the heavy weight of all the stuff shopped, I still feel lighter .I know I know I was the one who said chocolates are better then retail therapy but dont forget shopping is cheaper and better then going to a professional to sought help fighting my mental anguishes ..

 The mean shopping hungry girl wins again!! ;-)