Monday, June 4, 2012

                          Help me ward off the strange feeling!!!

Feeling of emptiness is something that cant be described...infact is it a state of not knowing what has happend to self  ?? or should it be attributed to PMS...

Probably every time or other I am in this juxtapose of not understanding self that i try to blame it on something or the other and still not knowing how the curb the same, I then start to look out for various soothers  and automatically mind runs for relishing my taste buds,because I console myself thinking that hunger pangs have caused such an empty feeling ( see dats how sentimentally cancerians are attached to food)
so starts the  search of a perfect mood lifter, the obvious first choice comes to chocolates

 which other wise doesnot gets the warmth my tastebuds, are tried first (preferably Fruits n Nuts, but at such a stage even something like Ferrero Rocher work ,which in a normal circumstance I abhor to eat) -mind you its only a small piece which is taken ( m calorie conscious see) n a bite would neways be fine to uplift d mood .

Then comes the realisation that at such a lost state, having a single  bite wont suffice..
and this is what i understand (when i hav already had 2 3 such bites)....AND now feeling dat its important to be normal at mind n heart first instead of counting the calories, i sacrifice my efforts of my workout to a complete bar of fruits and nuts relished along with jeffery archer ;-) and voila it does helps and also its  way better  and cheaper then retail therapy

Another contender, which I use to woo away the emptiness is my tea n rusk combination ,m a tea freak, can have it  24*7 so if nothing works then tea does, sumptuous is having tea with rusk(with a small hint of saunf).

During my office days in order to break free the unnecessary stress that was put over my already in pain cervical burdened shoulders ,I used to head straight asap to coco berry .. N oh the  first bite of the  berry blast yogurt with rasberry exotic  topping made me feel ... that the damn sales stress is not worth spending my energy when I  can use the same stamina to come to cocoberry n have it ...

....Reorganise :strange but true.  sometimes I feel that if clean my room, re-organise clothes , cosmetics, shoes, accessories etc , I feel that clutter / stress occupying my mind wud also get reduced n things would get more clear. Haven't checked d sucess rate of organising with stress but it for sometime diverts my energy into thinking about more creative ideas to organise , n phew!! i then accept the extent of my clumsiness and Thank God,  then wantingly or unwantingly re-organise my stuff..

Now when I have tried all the above and still the irritation is not ready to say a good bye then retail therapy does scores over all the things if time n budget permits ....

Why not indulge my brain into something which will soak all my attention and crankiness.First window shopping is tried to see if that helps but if my crankiness is stubborn as I am , then Moolah has to be spent over the real shopping...   Immediately in my mind an updated list of what all to buy emerges and then the long search for a perfect haul starts... d texture of the clothes, the cuts, the shape... d colorful bags around ...and the oh how can you ignore me looks  of the stilletoes , ballerinas, wedges  etc etc make me feel that yes this is the true calling , the inner contentment is thus achieved .. I wont say Nirvana because despite shopping enough there is another fresh list of stuff already made to be shopped again...

One the way back along with the heavy weight of all the stuff shopped, I still feel lighter .I know I know I was the one who said chocolates are better then retail therapy but dont forget shopping is cheaper and better then going to a professional to sought help fighting my mental anguishes ..

 The mean shopping hungry girl wins again!! ;-)


  1. Great.. Simply loved it.. U, ur shopping and ur chocolates of course.

    Keep up the gud work..

  2. Great...simple yet suave... keep it up di!! :)

  3. Loved it!! couldnt hv connect in a better manner !! Keep it going!!

  4. Nice read!!!! Gud work....

  5. Cancerians penchant for food :)
    Its well crafted, Garima.

  6. Can totally relate to frozen yogurt :-) its low cal and soooo much better than chocolate :-D

    1. thanks a lot swthrt!!n juss discovered yr blog too ,add me to yr list of regular readers

  7. Organizing and cleaning works for me too, which is actually good!! The things that don't get done in the usual scenario get a chance when you are in a bad mood. Very recently I realized that cooking helps me too!!

  8. cookin seems to be a good idea..havnt tried it ...may b lethargic me is more interested in eating more then cookin but i ll surely try my hand at it nw

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